What Am I Working On, You Ask?

So, I guess this blog also should also have something to do with art …riiiiiiight? Haha, well that was half the intention for making this blog, at least. So here we go~

I’ve always been fascinated with fairy tales, mythology, almost anything fantastical in nature – and I think concurrently reading the novel Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente has really been pushing my aesthetic into these dark fairy tale-esque black & white ink pieces.

I’m interested in the thought that just beyond the fabric of our world reside the fantastical. Invisible to untrained eyes. In Deathless, there is also an ominous tension throughout. You are presented with a tale where you can easily assume the protagonist will decidedly not end up happily ever after. It’s just not that kind of story.

The themes I’ve been exploring in my own work have primarily been concerned with life and death -the inevitability of our transience in this world. And ultimately scenes from fables I’ve imagined.

I also enjoy the idea (or reality, really) that art means what it means to each individual viewer. These are just my current inspirations and thoughts while I’ve been creating.







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