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Forgetting Your Umbrella During Monsoon Season

After living in Southern California for 7 years, you almost forget that weather exists. Enter South Korea’s monsoon season. If I could describe the weather succinctly I would say hellish haha. It’s a muggy, steamy, hot, humid, mess. Also, my hair expands to hilarious and frizzy proportions (If you’ve ever watched the television show Friends, think Monica in Florida).

Monica Geller
Monica and I are hair twins

Overall it is an opportune time to crank the air conditioning and catch up on indoor activities like long naps, books, video games, tv show binging, learning some Korean, what have you.

So gloomy

I’ve experienced many moments this season that felt as if I were in a dramatic/comedic film, such as walking outside a building to sunshine then seconds later having the skies open up and dump endless gallons of water on my head. I’ve also made the mistake of forgetting my umbrella (many, many times), and had to run home after work in the rain due to my stubbornness at not wanting to buy a third umbrella. I’ve had an old korean woman laugh at me as I, dripping wet, took the elevator up to my apartment floor. It has been a comical couple months of weather induced hijinks.

Though in actuality, it’s not the worst part of the year. It only lasts from June through the end-ish of July, and If you don’t mind getting somewhat gross and sweaty it is an ideal time to visit tourist attractions with minimal crowds. Just plan on doubling your showers for the day.

Anyway, about a week or so to go until monsoon season is over…hopefully I don’t forget my umbrella again!


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