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A few weeks ago, Korea celebrated the holiday of Chuseok (추석) – which is most comparable to American Thanksgiving in which you spend some quality time with family while you consume (engorge) your daily calorie allotment in one meal and loosen your belt a few notches. Overall, the main theme of these gatherings revolves around spending… Continue reading Chuseok

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A Couple Grand Palaces and A Secret Garden

Since living in South Korea, we’ve visited two of the “Five Grand Palaces” built during the Joseon dynasty. As with a lot of the historical structures in Seoul, the palaces were ravaged, pillaged, and destroyed by the Japanese. All have been burnt down or partially burnt down, or burnt down multiple times and rebuilt over… Continue reading A Couple Grand Palaces and A Secret Garden

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Forgetting Your Umbrella During Monsoon Season

After living in Southern California for 7 years, you almost forget that weather exists. Enter South Korea’s monsoon season. If I could describe the weather succinctly I would say hellish haha. It’s a muggy, steamy, hot, humid, mess. Also, my hair expands to hilarious and frizzy proportions (If you’ve ever watched the television show Friends,… Continue reading Forgetting Your Umbrella During Monsoon Season

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Hiking in Korea: Yogmasan Mountain

On any given Saturday or Sunday in Seoul, the subways and buses are packed with families and friends decked out in brightly colored hiking gear. This eclectic bustle of rainbow-clothed people are on their way to hike the numerous mountains surrounding the city. These mountains are islands of calm surrounded by the ever-busy and bustling metropolis,… Continue reading Hiking in Korea: Yogmasan Mountain

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Injuries Abroad: Quick Tips On Getting Around a Korean Hospital

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience to need some medical assistance, and I thought it would be helpful to put up some tips for other foreigners who may need to maneuver Korean hospitals. It can be pretty scary to have to find a doctor/hospital/clinic in another country. The emergency number here is 119, if you… Continue reading Injuries Abroad: Quick Tips On Getting Around a Korean Hospital